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    Guild; Lawless is now recruiting

    nSRO Player
    nSRO Player

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    Guild; Lawless is now recruiting

    Post by Mashgar on 04/12/12, 01:33 pm

    Ive decided to bring back my old guild from when i first started here on nova(back then it was silklicious)

    Anyone who wishes to join simply message me here or in game and ill add you.

    Your friendly neighborhood Mashy

    EDIT: Ive decided not to make this guild Thieves only because of the server population.

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    nSRO Addict

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    Re: Guild; Lawless is now recruiting

    Post by DarkMessiah on 04/12/12, 08:35 pm

    hey Mash bro, i thought i will try this new NOva and i wanna be in ur guild, so i dont know when but i will go Very Happy

    with a new char (dont know the name yet)

    see u later bro, Blader Very Happy

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